Meet Kelly Myers

“We all have our stories, this divorce tribe; some similar, some vastly different. Some of us chose to leave and some of us were left. Whatever your circumstance, whatever your story, there is a new path for you, and it is filled with the brightness of hope and possibility and I’m here to help you get there!”



In 2011, I made the hardest decision I ever had to make – to tell my husband I wanted a divorce. At that time, we had been married for a little over 11 years and had three beautiful boys ages 6, 8 and 10. I had been unhappy for a long time and as each year passed, I felt like I was losing a little part of myself.

Life felt like it was something to be tolerated rather than something to celebrate. I found myself stepping further and further away from my core values and was lacking the ability to be present with my boys. I was losing my sense of self; I wasn’t able to be the person I wanted to be, and l was unable to find any feeling of hope for the future. I knew I had to make a change.

I created First Steps Divorce to provide individuals and families the support I didn’t find when I went through my divorce. I have dedicated hundreds of hours to my education and training to learn all I can about the divorce process so that I can be the most experienced guide for your divorce journey. I am committed to continual learning, training and education while working with other divorce professionals that are also dedicated to helping people divorce in a more positive and peaceful way. My goal is to help individuals and families rebuild and restructure and avoid the destruction that divorce can cause.

Let’s get you through this divorce so you can begin your future.

– Kelly


Other First Steps Divorce Services

Whether you need individual divorce coaching, mediation or are looking for co-parenting help to create a parenting plan or improve communication, see my services below to choose the one that is right for where you are in your divorce journey.


Overwhelmed? Uncertain? Let me guide you in your divorce journey.


I am here to navigate the tough conversation and come to positive resolutions.


You are now in the “business” of raising your children together as co-parents. Let’s make a plan.